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Top Five Decorative Mirrors that Make a Statement for Any Style


Mirrors are an integral part of successfully designing a home. They provide practicality and are transformative elements in interior design; they can enlarge a room, practically doubling it in size with the illusion of space. Functionality aside, mirrors have the innate ability to draw attention due to the uniqueness of shape, fame, and grandeur of the mirror. Blank walls are immediately brought to life by choosing an innovative, eye-catching mirror that does far more than reflect an image. Decorative mirrors can dramatize a wall and reflect the personality of the room as a statement piece.

Place a mirror in an area of a room to capture the ideal amount of light and thus reflect and illuminate it. Consider window placement and pre-existing artificial light sources into the equation when deciding placement. Consider choosing an interesting object, accessory, or piece of art to place the mirror opposite to double the impact. Placing a wall mirror parallel to an object in a close vicinity will create interesting shapes in light and darkness and promote symmetry in a room. A large mirror can replace the missing light source if a window does not exist in a room.

Mirrors that serve as a piece of art are due to the intricacy of shape, textiles, and fabric. Below we’ve chosen five of our favorite intricate mirrors that are artworks in of themselves, each cultivating a different style.


Top Five Mirror Wall Ideas and Pieces

1. Mina Rectangular Mirror

The Mina rectangular mirror provides texture to a space. The stacked oyster shell frame emulates a sculpture due to its great depth. This mirror is a modern take on a coastal-inspired mirror. This frame’s organic texture and the natural color palette imbue a serene, coastal vibe. However, its clean lines and rectangular shape lend it a contemporary edge, making it versatile enough to complement a wide array of interior styles. From a minimalist modern apartment to a beach house or a chic urban loft, the Mina mirror brings a touch of nature’s elegance to any setting 56acd7788b&objectID=98570&indexName=production_mg_products




2. Made Goods’ Jena Mirror

The Jena Mirror’s bronzed wooden beads add movement and dimension to a stagnant space. The variation in large and small beads creates a macrame pattern. The imperfect sphere is a true piece of art. This deliberate choice of imperfect symmetry makes for a great addition and idea for a wall mirror. It adds character and a modern twist to the piece. The irregularity of the sphere suggests a handcrafted, artisanal quality, like a unique piece with its own story.




3. Made Goods’ Fabian Circular Mirror

The natural rattan Fabian circular mirror extends 6.5’’ off of the wall creating a dramatic statement and centerpiece in any room. The hand-made loops of natural white cane provide texture to a smooth wall or wallpaper. The circular shape of the Fabian mirror allows the mirror to act as a unifying element, harmonizing various components of a room’s decor.

Moreover, the use of rattan, a material known for its durability and flexibility, also speaks to the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the piece. It’s versatile enough to complement a wide range of interior styles, from tropical and bohemian to more modern and minimalist environments.



4. Made Goods’ Talullah Mirror

The Talullah mirror is an authentic piece of coastal abstract art. The whitewashed wooden frame adds natural elements to a room. The beachy look is an eye-catching object to capture the eye’s attention. The soft, neutral tones of the whitewash finish make it versatile. It blends easily with different color schemes while still being a subtle piece in the space. ctID=98669&indexName=production_mg_products_name_a Sc



5. Made Goods’ Heidi Mirror

The Heidi Layered shell mirror is glamorous and subtle, this large rectangular mirror adds an element of glam to any blank wall. The oversized rectangular shape and kabibe shell frame make a subtle statement. The tenuous colored shells and slight shimmer are the perfect contrast to its surrounding neutral colors.

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Incorporating mirrors into your home decor is a classic strategy to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. Whether it’s creating the illusion of more space, adding light, or simply making a decorative statement, the right mirror can transform any room. At DLT Interior Designs, we understand how great mirror wall ideas can improve your living space. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect mirror to reflect your unique style and preference.


FAQs for Mirror Walls

Is a mirror wall a good idea? 

Yes, a mirror wall can significantly enhance a room’s aesthetic appeal and perceived size, making it a popular choice in interior design.

How do you modernize a mirrored wall? 

Modernizing a mirrored wall can be done by adding frames of contemporary styles, integrating LED lighting, or using mirrors with artistic or irregular shapes.

How do I build a cheap mirror wall? 

Creating a budget-friendly mirror wall can involve using multiple smaller mirrors, DIY framing, or sourcing affordable mirror tiles for a custom layout.

Does a mirrored wall make a room look bigger?

Absolutely. Mirrored walls expand the visual space of a room, creating an illusion of depth that makes the room appear larger.


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