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Our Five Favorite White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

Choosing the perfect white paint is an overwhelming task. White paint is timeless, yet the diversity of white options on the market can make it overwhelming to differentiate between them. It is important to establish there is no one “white” paint. There are thousands of slightly different paint colors all falling under the category of white.

It is essential to understand the undertone- the hue that occurs underneath the white. Warm hues create a cozy vibe whereas white with blue and green undertones possess a cool feeling in the space. Determining the appropriate hue for a space creates the ideal ambiance and prevents a room from becoming sterile.

The natural light or lack thereof in a room must contribute to the decision of a warm or cool white. Spaces that flood with natural light should exhibit a warm white, as a cool white would be washed out when met by an outpour of light through the window. Below we have rounded up five of our favorite tried and true white colors by Benjamin Moore.



Chantilly Lace is the go-to for all moldings, trim, and cabinetry. It is a beautiful, true, crisp white without any red, yellow, or blue undertones. It lights up a space and does not feel sterile.




Cloud white is a soft white with a hint of warm taupe shades. Its warm versatility is ideal for any room in a home and looks especially beautiful on cabinetry.




Swiss Coffee has a warm taupe undertone. It creates a light and airy look without being too cool and gray. It can be utilized continuously in any room of a home as a neutral white.




Decorator’s white is a cool white with gray undertones; it is ideal for cool-toned rooms.




White Dove is a warm white with creamy undertones. It is the epitome of a clean and classic white

Meta Description: We’ve rounded up our five favorite white paint colors by Benjamin Moore for any home. Consider cool and warm undertones when selecting white paint.


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